Because what alkaline mineral water is good for your health?

AlkaOne Natural Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water has a basic pH ranging from 8.0 – 8.5 in its natural state. Protected deep underground, it is free of industrial pollutants and contaminants that are increasingly found on surface springs, rivers and reservoirs. Great care has been taken to maintain its pristine condition during the extraction and bottling process, so that we can deliver AlkaOne Natural Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water to you as pure as it has been in the aquifer for eons.Infused with minerals and primed with alkalinity, our water also has a natural silky taste to restore the natural balance to your body systems and improve your health.




The great taste of AlkaOne Natural Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water encourages and ensures that people will continue to drink more of it on a daily basis. More water in our body is great for the kidneys for it to function optimally. Kidneys remove waste products from the blood and toxic substances in the urine. From the liver, our kidneys receive water-soluble toxins for processing. Water is therefore absolutely essential for our kidneys to work. Large volumes of blood are filtered each day through the kidneys and this maintains the body’s water balance where toxins are excreted and excess fluid is removed through the bladder.



The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in June 2015 recommended a total daily water intake of 3.7 liters (15 cups) for the average adult male and 2.7 liters (11 cups) for the average adult female. Even as each individual has different levels of hydration needs, it is a fact that the body loses water through perspiration, breathing and urination. With AlkaOne Natural Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water, you will continue to ask for more and drink it often enough for its great taste, alkalinity and mineral properties, ensuring that you have the proper daily recommended intake of water. Drinking AlkaOne also ensures that you receive sufficient electrolytes. Electrolytes act as chemical messengers in the body. They carry electrical impulses from the nerves which control all tissue functions and movement. Common electrolytes are Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium and these essential minerals, including others are naturally present in AlkaOne.




Our modern diet mostly comprises food and beverages that are overly acidic, which can and often cause burning sensations because of acid reflux, usually in the aerodigestive tract. The high alkalinity of AlkaOne can effectively reduce the burning sensation from moderate to severe acid reflux attacks, and bring relief to your discomfort.



WHAT IS pH? The term pH stands for “potential” of “Hydrogen”. It is the amount of hydrogen ions in a particular solution. With more hydrogen ions present, the solution will be more acidic, and the smaller the number of hydrogen ions, the solution becomes more alkaline. pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14 with seven being neutral. The lower the pH number, the more acidic it is and conversely the higher the number, the more alkaline. WHAT IS NORMAL? In humans, the normal pH of all tissues and fluids in the body (except the stomach) is slightly alkaline. The most critical pH measurement is in the blood. All other organs and fluids will fluctuate in their range in order to keep the blood in a pH between 7.35 and 7.45 (slightly alkaline).



Our kidneys remove toxins from the body through water. Not drinking enough water means that toxins will build up and weaken our immune system. In addition, Alkaline water with minerals help keep bones and teeth strong and dense.

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