AlkaViva 150 ml.

2,400 บาท
ราคาปกติ 3,588 บาท
ปริมาณ 1 Quantity: 1 Box (150ml X 12 bottles)

Face Spray mineral water AlkaViva
150 ml. Worth size

Provide moisture While helping to relieve irritation Reduce sticky skin on the face

When faced with dust, smoke, hot air, pollution in daily life

Mineral water spray with resolution & nbsp; can be used before and after makeup


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AlkaOne 500 ml.

2,400 บาท

ปริมาณ 1 Quantity: 5 Boxs (500ml x 120 Bottles)

AlkaOne 1000 ml

2,100 บาท

ปริมาณ 1 Quantity: 5 Boxs (1000ml x60 Bottles)

AlkaOne 350 ml

1,728 บาท

ปริมาณ 1 Quantity: 3 Boxs (350ml x 144 bottles)